Zero Trust Security for
DevOps & Cloud

As more organizations migrate infrastructure to the cloud and rethink software development and deployment, they are also modernizing their approach to security. One such approach is Zero Trust – instead of relying on traditional network perimeter-based security tools such as VPNs and bastions that connect you directly to a network, access is granted based on user and device attributes as well as the sensitivity of specific applications and services within that network.In this workshop, we will discuss why traditional remote access controls are inefficient for DevOps and how applying zero trust principles in an organization can improve the experience while increasing security.

During the hands-on portion, workshop attendees can follow along by using Terraform to quickly deploy test infrastructure and resources in AWS. Once deployed, attendees will set up a free zero trust remote access platform (powered by Banyan Security) to showcase securing access without the need to setup and support complex VPN or bastion solutions.



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Carlos Martinez
Director of Solutions Architecture, Banyan Security

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Matt Schiller
Senior Software Engineer