Weekly Live Demo 

Join us for this demonstration in which we show you how to get started protecting your workforce with secure remote access to corporate assets and infrastructure.

Watch this Live Demo that shows Banyan Security in action from both a Users and an Administrators perspective. We will show differentiated access for FTEs and third parties.

Our team will be here to answer any of your secure access questions.

Attendees will see a demo that includes:
1. one-click access to SSH/RDP servers, Kubernetes, databases, and hosted applications like GitLab, Jenkins, and Jira. Of course there’s a CLI, too!
2. how user access is granted via Service Catalog
3. user self remediation and visibility of issues without IT or Security assistance

Banyan offers the product for Free for up to 50 users. Get started in less than 15 minutes!



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Anthony Alves
Director of Solutions Architecture