Market Update: GigaOm Radar for Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

See why Banyan Security is named a market leader through insights provided by GigaOm analysts in this jus-released report. Included in the report:

  • Key Criteria Comparison
  • GigaOm Radar
  • Vendor Insights
  • Analyst’s Take
What is Zero Trust Network Access?
A Zero Trust security model is one that does away with the idea of a privileged network. Instead, access depends solely on device and user credentials, regardless of network location or application hosting model.

SSO is the first step to verifying and authenticating identify. From SSO we move to device trust, utilizing existing anti-virus/EDR, MDM/UEM, and SIEM solutions along the way. Finally, shift the focus to applications rather than creating a tunnel into your network. Then, bring it all together with continuous authorization, granular enforcement, and dynamic trust scoring.
Can Zero Trust Remote Access replace my legacy VPN?
Yes! Banyan's Zero Trust solution provides seamless remote access to employees and 3rd parties while eliminating massive security gaps, streamlining IT management, and removing choke-points for your users.
How do I get started with Zero Trust Remote Access?

Once you have SSO in place, Banyan can help you identify a meaningful remote access project, configuring your environment for a zero trust security posture. And best of all, it is designed for incremental roll-out in complex environments.