A VPN Enthusiast Guides
You to ZTNA

You’ve got a ZTNA project, but now what? So many options and so many questions. Join us and learn how to plan and then execute a migration from VPN to Zero Trust Network Access. Your users will thank you and your job will be easier. All while providing your organization with higher levels of security.

Our enthusiast, Ashur Kanoon, has 20 years of remote access VPN experience and has been helping organizations move to better solutions since 2019.

When? At your convenience.
Where? Virtual Event

Topics include:

  • Planning the migration
  • Discovering resources and applications
  • Creating policies that take the devices and risk levels into consideration
  • Enhancing the end user experience
  • Leveraging existing investments



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Ashur Kanoon headshot

Ashur Kanoon
Vice President, Technical Marketing