5 Reasons Companies Play Remote Access Roulette with VPNs

Are you gambling with your remote access infrastructure, just waiting for the day your network is breached?

Today's complex hybrid cloud environments demand improved security, management simplicity, and a seamless user experience - all of which are lacking in network-centric solutions like VPNs. Yet companies continue to maintain risky VPNs.


So why continue to use inflexible VPNs?

Download "5 Excuses Why Organizations Continue To Play Remote Access Roulette" and see if you have the same challenges in making a change. Read this guide to learn:

  • 5 excuses why organizations haven't ditched their VPNs
  • Why familiarity breeds security complacency
  • How workarounds undermine network security
  • Why poor user experience is often ignored
Improved Security Posture
  • Own your data plane and offer differentiated access to based on user, device, and other relevant attributes
  • Integrate with your existing PKI infrastructure / CAs to completely control the confidentiality and privacy of your data
Massive Management Simplicity
  • Homogeneous experience whether servers are deployed in IaaS or on-premises
  • Simplified experience whether IaaS, on-premises, or SaaS applications using our as-a-service Banyan offering
Seamless and Fast User Experience
  • Direct access to servers deployed on private clouds or Infrastructure as a Service
  • Supports general TCP protocols like MySQL